Black Friday 2021!

Black Friday is upon us! This year we have not one, but two offerings for you all to celebrate Black Friday 2021! black2021 - This code will unlock a recurring 20% discount on your service, pick a shared service and get 20% off for life (Code not valid for yearly cycles)!blackapp - This code will allow a 50% recurring discount on our new ... Read More »

25th Nov 2021
Recent turmoil in Denmark

Due to recent events in Denmark on November 3rd we have decided to take our precautions and as a result we have blocked access to the below domains from our servers. The trackers in question are: (And all subdomains/alternative domains) The sites have been blocked on the ... Read More »

6th Nov 2021
New products for the lineup!

Introduction We are proud to introduce our new Storage Box and App Box range of shared seedboxes. The Storage Boxes are geared more towards long-term seeding and as such, come with much more storage space when compared to our other plans. The App Box range is, like the name implies, geared more towards customers who want the flexibility of more ... Read More »

8th Apr 2021
Changes to our IP infrastructure!

We are making this notice to let you all know that we will be changing IPs on our servers over the course of this week, please note that while this will start later tonight, we will be sending out a more detailed message when we process each individual server so you can see the new shared IP that are assigned to the server you are on. To avoid ... Read More »

17th Mar 2021
Website and clientportal will be offline on the 10th of February!

Hi, We just want to push this out and let people know that our website and billing system will be taken offline on the 10th of February evening starting at 23:00 CEST for maintenance and upgrades, we will also be doing some DNS updates which can cause some issues for people afterwards. We expect to have full operation again sometime in the early ... Read More »

8th Feb 2021
Romania location is going to be shutdown end of January 2021

Hi, It is with great sadness that we have to report that our site in Romania will be shutdown by the end of January, the reason behind this is quite simply that it is running at a loss. This is a combination of really low interest from our clients in general with only 1 order there on every 50 in the Netherlands, but also a result of costs in ... Read More »

14th Jan 2021
Merry christmas, happy new years and an update on support hours!

We would like to extend our thanks for the past year, it has been a troublesome year but it has been a year full of new things for - Not only did I (Daniel) take over the company but there's been a lot of changes behind the scenes with more staff and server upgrades - 2021 will be no different story, I/we have some pretty big ... Read More »

23rd Dec 2020
Tighter control on credit card payments!

Hi, This mostly serves as a notice, specifically to those that are paying using credit/debit cards for their service. Starting from the 3rd of January 3DSecure will be enforced on all payments, the precise approach on how this works depends a little on your bank, most are pincode verification to the mobilephone that are linked to the card - Now ... Read More »

15th Dec 2020
Black weekend 2020!

It is that time of year, Black Friday 2020 has come and we are naturally ready with discounts for you all this year. Lets keep it short and simple, discount this year are based on payments that are 3months+ - The coupon in this case; black2020   The code will enable a 20% discount on TOP of the already discounted pricing, this means that the ... Read More »

26th Nov 2020
Changes to our current shared plans!

So it is time to do a product refresh, lots of things are going to change in the near future, this is only the first step! A few months ago we put out a feedback form to get some details on what people are looking for, this has all been heard, and it is all something we are looking into. With this announcement we would like to announce the ... Read More »

3rd Nov 2020

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