So it is time to do a product refresh, lots of things are going to change in the near future, this is only the first step!

A few months ago we put out a feedback form to get some details on what people are looking for, this has all been heard, and it is all something we are looking into.

With this announcement we would like to announce the updated price structure for our shared plans which are now available on the website (Please note that these plans are only available in the Netherlands and are hosted with NFOrce).

600GB - 100Mbit = €5.49
800GB - 250Mbit = €7.99
1000GB - 500Mbit = €10.49
2000GB - 1000Mbit = €14.99
2750GB - 1000MBit = €19.99
3600GB - 1000Mbit = €29.99

Furthermore we are also introducing 2 new products to our "shared plans" - These are dedicated drive offerings which a lot of people have requested:

Dedicated 6TB drive (5500GB useable) = €39.99
Dedicated 8TB drive (7200GB useable) = €49.99

Its quite important to note that the dedicated drive slots are hosted on servers solely with dedicated drive users, this means a maximum of 36 users sharing a QUAD 10Gbit (40Gbit) uplink structure.

Not only have we updated the storage space, but we have also opened up for ordering dedicated IP addresses again, furthermore we have implemented the option to purchase BACKUP with your plan, this is something a lot of people have requested as a safety feature in case of harddrive failures, we have priced this at a fixed €5 for daily backups with 1 revision, ie we will store 1 version of your data, you can also opt for 2 revisions, ie we will store the last 2 days of data from your service. Setup time for these addons are up to 48hours as they require manual intervention.

For a full overview of our new plans, please go to our website:

In other news, more products are being worked on - The next step will be a storage line series, these will feature storage up to 110TB of storage space on a single account, with 1Gbit unlimited network port and with RAID protection so that a drive can fail without the data being lost, we estimate to go live with this product range within this current month.
Once we have implemented this, we will start work on the new application line of shared slots, these machines will basically provide the most requested features from our feedback form, this includes Deluge, PLEX, Sonarr/Radarr and a range of other applications, so stay tuned!

Current clients are naturally welcome to move to the new plans listed, to get moved over you have to submit a ticket and our team will process the migration.

If there's any questions or comments on this, then please reach out via our ticket system.

Best regards

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

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