This is a notice that starting from tonight (14th of August) we are going to be swapping servers from the Capelle datacenter to NedZone - This move is to ensure smooth operations for the future and to ensure that we can keep scaling up, all servers will get a hardware upgrade to ensure that there's enough resources for the future, this will also introduce a new OS that will increase performance overall.

This is also the first step in upgrading the current product stack!

The move will be done as seamless as possible, with new servers being setup in NedZone and the data being migrated in the background, downtime for each client will be in the 10-15minute range while a final sync is done, do note though that a temporary IP will be assigned these new servers until the migration is done, details about this will be emailed to each individual after the migration of the service is completed.

The whole process is estimated to take 5-7 weeks, it is on purpose that the migration is scheduled to take this long as we are better able to handle any issues that might come up, and it also means that downtime for clients will be kept at a minimum.

We thank you for your patience while this is going on, and do note that support times might increase due to it as we are expecting a higher ticket load than usual.

Update 29th of September

The move here is taking longer than expected, we estimate that this will take another ~6 weeks to complete in full.

Best regards


Friday, August 14, 2020

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