As some might have noticed some items have recently changed in the general structure of - The dedicated machines have been moved to another domain (, and other items that I will disclose below

On the 1st of June, was moved into the hands of Daniel Walker, which is now the owner of the company, this also means that some items have changed, the main one being dedicated sales being moved onto - It is important to note that it is the same team behind both brands, the choice to split this is entirely is due to walkerservers already being geared for dedicated hosting with the right options for the you (the client), all to give the best experience along with the best possible price.

There are quite a bit of changes coming, the past few months have gone by super fast, a lot of things have changed behind the scenes, most of them items that you as a client do not notice, some items are also lined up for the near future, I will try and outline them below.

Already implemented changes:

  1. Changes to payment gateways, these have all been implemented/changed, it basically means a client that there's a bit fewer payment gateways available, but the ones that are will provide a better experience, this also includes credit/debit card payments which are now supported in full (Also for automated payments), please note that the note on your account will say "HNielsen Networks munkebo" which is the descriptor for the new and current gateway.
  2. General restructuring of the support team, seeing as walkerservers was already in operation with a bigger team, the staff members there have been moved into aswell, this will ensure that you get quicker support at all hours of the day, some might have noticed that I (Daniel Walker) isnt the sole guy doing support anymore, this part is super integral for the future of
  3. Complete restructure of all dedicated servers offered on - Leaseweb offerings, has gotten the hardware configurations adjusted along with a price adjustment so it fits better into the market. NFOrce offerings have been revamped and now offer more storage for the money, it also includes unmetered bandwidth with the option to upgrade to 2Gbit unmetered at only €60 more per month. Hetzner, these are new machines that have not been offered before, the servers there have amazing value!

Pending changes:

  1. Complete revamp/restructure of current shared products - The changes pending here will be determined/influenced by the survey that are attached at the bottom of this announcement, but in general you can expect the plans to be priced "better" than they are today, in the sense that more storage space will be included at the same cost or at a very slight price increase (Less than €2).
  2. Operating system upgrades/performance optimizations, this is going to be an ongoing thing over the next 2 months, the focus here being on optimization and updating of the existing applications along with getting more speed out of the servers for the end users, this will be a seamless process with next to no downtime.
  3. A new "app" product series are being worked on, this plan will be a shared plan that includes more of the popular apps like plex, sonarr, radarr etc, more details will come on this plan once they are available.
  4. VPS Plans, these plans have been announced by the former owners a long long time ago, I am happy to say that it has been bumped in priority, it is time that we bring root access to people at lower prices than what a dedicated machine costs.

There are a lot more things to come in the future for, and I cannot wait to unveil them all!

I will end this notice with a small survey, I (and the team behind would be very happy if you would fill out the survey linked below, it will help us in improving the service for the future and to ensure that you get the best possible experience, thanks!

Survey - The survey requires a google account for adding your results

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

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