How to upgrade my seedbox

It is possible to upgrade our seedboxes on the fly without changing the server or location, follow this guide to go through the upgrade.

First off, login to your clientarea and click on your service:

Click on your service and the click on upgrade/downgrade:

From here, you will have a dropdown menu, where you can pick from the plans available:

After this, you are forwarded to a payment page, with an invoice generated, the invoice will only be for the difference between the two plans for the remaining billing period, once this invoice is paid the seedbox is automatically upgraded.

A few things to note here;
  • You cannot change your location from here, you have to submit a ticket for it to work (Automatic moving is coming)
  • You can only upgrade/downgrade within the same product line, eg premium to a larger/smaller premium seedbox.
  • If you wish to move from MINI to PREMIUM let us know via ticket and we will handle it.
As with every other aspect, we are here to assist if you have any questions!
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