Network upgrades in Romania

Due to continued growth on our offerings in Romania, we are planning an upgrade of our network core along with our external uplinks in Romania effectively doubling our capacity, we will do our best to keep downtime at a minimum but do expect 30-60 minutes of downtime during this timeframe.Work will start Thursday the 10th at 11.00 Local time ... Read More »

8th Aug 2017
Changes to our product lineup!

As some might have seen we have recently made some rather big changes to our product portfolio, this is mainly done to keep our products in line with the market, but also to make sure we are offering the best possible solution to our clients.It is with sadness in our heart that we are saying goodbye to our mini slot offerings, but we have ... Read More »

5th Aug 2017
Pending support tickets

Due to a human error from one of our junior staff members some pending tickets was mistakenly deleted from our system, if you have opened a ticket and not gotten a reply please submit your ticket request once again.

Steps have naturally been taken to avoid this happening again.

Thanks for your understanding.

Best regards

5th Aug 2017