Our network team have confirmed a problem within our network in the Netherlands, more specifically single thread performance being lower than what we want especially during peak hours.

We would like to stress that this is not a capacity issue as we are seeing enough capacity on our uplinks.

The issue will effect peak performance on torrents during peak hours, but it will also severely limit FTP speeds.

Our network team are naturally working on this and will find the problem!

We ask for your patience while we solve this issue.

*UPDATE 08/11*

We are going replace some of the core switches in the network tomorrow the 9th, there should be minimal downtime during this period but we can see minor disruptions.

We have a strong hope that this will solve the throughput issues that we have seen.

*UPATE 11/11*

We have finished our maintenance and we have seen a steady increase in network usage and more stable network speeds in general, we consider the case closed.

Thanks for your patience!

Best regards
team seedbox.io

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

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