We are making this notice to let you all know that we will be changing IPs on our servers over the course of this week, please note that while this will start later tonight, we will be sending out a more detailed message when we process each individual server so you can see the new shared IP that are assigned to the server you are on.

To avoid having issues connecting to your service, then make sure you are connecting on the hostname provided to you at signup: https://psbXXXXX.seedbox.io/ - Please note that the URL will also work for FTP access by using only the domain part: psbXXXXX.seedbox.io

This change also brings back the option of purchasing your own dedicated IP, an IP that will keep being yours while you keep the service active, it will also be moved over in case you are swapped to another server - There's currently a bit of a wait list for this as we cannot start assigning dedicated IPs until the 2nd of April, but if you wish to have it added then please reach out via ticket!

A dedicated IP is €2 per month on top of your current service fee.

As always, if you are facing problems, then do please reach out and we will do our best to help you out, please however also note that due to us changing IPs then we do expect a bit longer response times in our ticketing system, don't worry though, we will get back to you!

Best regards
team seedbox.io

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

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