This is a service notification to those of our clients that are hosted in our French location, due to recent network degrades and stability issues we have chosen to shutdown our operations in France - All clients will be moved to brand new highend servers hosted on our infrastructure with NFOrce in the Netherlands.

We will still keep a bouncer server in France so that people that might experience slow speeds via FTP will be able to route their data via that.

We are naturally sorry to have to drop a location that we have supported for over 5 years, but we are simply at a point where we cannot provide the stable and good experience that we want to be known for and therefore we have to act on this, we naturally hope that everyone that are being moved will be happy on our new location.

If there's any questions, then feel free to contact us via our ticketing system or email us at thanks!

Best regards

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

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