Over the course of the last months we have had more and more requests for servers from NFOrce - We have been hard at work on getting the details ready and having all offerings in line with the market in general.

We are now ready to launch 4 direct products from NFOrce, the servers represent some of the best possible value in the market right now, all of the servers naturally come tuned to optimal performance and thanks to our beta users we feel confident that these machines will keep up with anything else out there.

All NFOrce servers will naturally be on the Class1 network, they will feature 100% unlimited download which means that you are only "billed" per TB of outbound data, there's a predefined amount of traffic included in each server, additional traffic can be purchased in chunks of 25TB should the need be for more than what is included.

Head over to our website to check out the deals: https://seedbox.io/dedicated-seedbox-nforce

We naturally hope that this is a welcome offering, and as always if there's any questions related to this, then simply shoot us an email on support@seedbox.io or submit a ticket from the clientarea, this is also valid if you are looking for a CUSTOM quote.

As for our upcoming servers from M247, we would like to state that they are almost ready for action, the servers will also feature 100% unlimited inbound traffic, 100TB outbound at great prices, and in no less than 19(!) different countries, all at the same exact price.

Best regards
team seedbox.io

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

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