How to connect to seedbox with FTP

To download files from the seedbox we recommend that you use FileZilla FTP client, it is possible to download it on the following link:

The client is available for Windows, MAC and Linux..

Once installed and opened, you will be presented with a program which for some users might seem confusing, but you only need 3 items to connect to your FTP.

  1. Hostname
  2. Username
  3. Password (Make sure you don't copy a space at the end of the password!)

These are all included in the welcome email that you got from us during the signup.

Once the program is opened you will be presented with the following options at the top of the client.


The informations need to be inserted into the fields in the same order as they were listed above, once you have inserted them hit the quickconnect and it will load.

When you connect the first time, you will be presented with the following message:

Make sure you tick the option: "Always trust certificate in future sessions."

A few things to be aware of when connecting:

  • Make sure you have the right folder in the LEFT square, as that's the download location
  • To download a file from the seedbox, right click and hit download
  • If you are already actively downloading, right click and hit "Add to Queue"
  • We always use standard ports for our default services, if you wish to use FTP or FTPS, connect on port: 21 (or leave it blank), if you wish to use SFTP, connect on port: 22

The bottom part of FileZilla will show you ongoing transfers, including the total queued size.

If you are experiencing slow download speeds via FTP, please head over to this article: Slow FTP speeds

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