Black Friday is upon us!

This year we have not one, but two offerings for you all on this glorious Black Friday 2018!

BF2018-20recurring - This code will unlock a recurring 20% discount on your service with us, pick a shared seedbox or a dedicated server and benefit from 20% discount for life!

BF2018-75off - This code will unlock a whopping 75% discount on your first payment, this means our shared plans start from €1.25 and our dedicated offerings from €7.5!

Please note that the codes are valid for all of our service, this includes dedicated servers!

*The 75% off code is only valid for 1, 3 and 6 months billing cycles.
*The 20% recurring code is only valid for monthly payments.
*Please note that the offerings are valid only on Black Friday and only while we have stock available.

*Please also expect a slightly longer setup time on dedicated servers, we will strive to setup all servers within 48hours, but we cannot guarantee that on this day.
*Codes are valid until the end of friday GMT+2

For all of our plans, please visit our website on:

Best regards

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

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