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Aug 14th Server changes/server relocation (Shared plans)

This is a notice that starting from tonight (14th of August) we are going to be swapping servers from the Capelle datacenter to NedZone - This move is to ensure smooth operations for the future and to ensure that we can keep scaling up, all servers will get a hardware upgrade to ensure that there's enough resources for the future, this will also ... Повеќе »

Aug 4th Changes in the setup behind seedbox.io

As some might have noticed some items have recently changed in the general structure of seedbox.io - The dedicated machines have been moved to another domain (walkerservers.com), and other items that I will disclose below On the 1st of June, seedbox.io was moved into the hands of Daniel Walker, which is now the owner of the company, this also ... Повеќе »